Whittlers' Club

By Tommy Roberts - 22 May 2019


 The Whittlers' Club is in desperate need of new members.  Bob Burton, in the picture below, is almost alone.  It seems that the young folk of today are not taking up the art of whittling.  I guess that is no wonder given they are no longer able to carry a pocket knife.  Still, if we could get them off their internet machines long enough, perhaps they could learn to whittle.

The Club is "active" at the Silver Point dump (Solid Waste Disposal Site).  Any time Bob is there, come on down to sit and whittle.  Bob recalls when there would be several members sitting around whittling together and making big piles of shavings.  The stories told around the whittling were enjoyable to hear and perhaps had a shred of truth to some of them.

It's a heritage thang!


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