Webb Graveyard

By Tommy Roberts - 29 Feb 20

Recently, Gracie, Angela, and I went looking for a cemetery in the woods leading from the Pete Carr Ridge down to Mill Creek Road in Buffalo Valley.  Gracie and I had explored this cemetery many years ago, but did not write down the names on the tombstones.  Well, we did not locate this cemetery again, but we did revisit the Webb Graveyard on the Pete Carr Ridge Road.  It is located immediately adjacent to the Road on the right side directly across from 11040 Pete Carr Ridge Road.

There is only one grave in the cemetery with names on the tombstone.  That name is Florence M. Webb, b. 11 Mar 1901, d. 11 Aug 1907.  I have no idea who her parents were and cannot find anyone, so far, who can tell me.  I am writing this article for the primary reason to learn who she is.  If any of you can share anything about her, especially who her parents are, please let me know.  Thanks.

There is another cemetery known as the Webb-Bennett Cemetery about 3/4 mile further down the Pete Carr Ridge Road.  This is where the pioneer Webbs are buried.  The first Webb in this area, that we know of, was John D. Webb and his wife, Lucinda Horton.  They were both born in North Carolina.  He in 1800.  She in 1815.  They came to this area and began having kids by 1835.  The exact date of their migration will require further research.

Corina Carr surveyed the Webb Cemetery in 1983 and provided the information that is printed in Ms Patton's Putnam County Cemeteries book.  She noted that there were seven unmarked (no names) graves there at that time.  So, I suspect this is a one family cemetery.  This cemetery is named Webb Graveyard in Ms Patton's book and on findagrave.  Contrary to what is noted on findagrave, this is not a part of the Webb-Bennett Cemetery which is further down the road.

Another quibble I will note, I am informed that a cemetery is a burial place that is NOT associated with a church.  A graveyard is a burial place that is associated with a church, thus it is the "yard" for the church.  Anyway, this particular burial location should be, by this definition, a cemetery and not a graveyard as there has never been a church located near this burial location.  I guess I won't make it my mission in life to fix all the incorrectly named burial locations on findagrave.  :o)

I hope that some of you will be able to inform me as to who this Florence is.  Thanks again for your consideration. 


    Grave of Florence M. Webb           Webb Cemetery, Pete Carr Ridge Road

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