Tommy Visits DNA Cousins

By Tommy Roberts - 12 Jul 2019

Gracie & I traveled to Florida this past week.  Two of our stops were to visit cousins who have shown up as matches on DNA.  First stop was breakfast with Frank Jennings and his wife Emily.  Frank and Emily are both retired from the United States Coast Guard.  We had a delightful visit as we were so "like minded" in so many areas.  It turns out both Frank and Emily are avid coon hunters (get my drift?).  If you don't "get my drift", email me and I'll fill you in.

Frank descends from Joseph thusly:

Joseph Roberts

Melissa (Roberts) Cronk - married William Alexander Cronk

Sarah (Cronk) Smith - married Rollie Sherman Smith

William Walton Smith - married Callie Bird Hicks

Nellie (Smith) Cobble - married William B. Cobble Sr

William Bee "Joe" Cobble Jr - married Nancy Ann Wilson

Patricia Ann (Cobble) Jennings - married Frank Edward Jennings


We moved on to our next stop which was the next morning when we had breakfast with Patricia, Frank's mother, and her husband David Richardson.  Delighted to find that they were coon hunters as well.  Wonderful couple.

All four have committed to next year's reunion.  Hopefully, they will be able to attend both the Cronk Reunion and then the Roberts Reunion.


Tommy & Gracie with Frank and Emily Jennings


Tommy & Gracie with David and Patricia Richardson (Frank's Mom)

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