5-6 June
9635 Roberts Road
Silver Point, TN 38582



-  Provide your 12” x 12” quilting square to be combined and quilted into a memory quilt at the 2020 Roberts Reunion. You can drop off or mail it to either Angela Stout or Karen Watts.

Angela Stout - 9589 Roberts Road, Silver Point, TN 38582

Karen Watts - 9530 Howard Herren Road, Silver Point, TN 38582  Silver Point, TN 38582

-  Use any color and pattern for your square…if you need inspiration, go to free to embroider your name or initials onto your square.  Maybe include children or grandchildren in this project! 

-  We will stitch the quilt top together and begin quilting it at the Roberts Reunion 2020. 

  WHEN:  Come anytime to help quilt on 5 June, 6–8 PM

  WHERE:  9635 Roberts Road, Clavis Barn

  DETAILS:  Visit and tell stories while quilting the top.  Needles and thread providedJ

-  Because this will take longer than a year to quilt than a reunion weekend, we will continue to have quilting sessions during the year to complete the quilt by Roberts Reunion 2021.  Everyone will be invited to come to any or all of these sessions to help us finish the quilt.

-  Quilt will be raffled off at the Roberts Reunion 2021! 






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