Our Mott Cousins of Southwest Indiana

By Tommy Roberts - 29 Sep 2019


Mary Roberts (probably sister to Joseph Roberts) married Asa Mott in 1817 in Green County, Tennessee.  They moved first to Alabama where their daughter, Rebecca was born.  From there they moved up to Mine Lick Creek near what is now Roberts Switch.  They took land grants on Mine Lick Creek near Joseph Roberts who we believe is Mary's brother.  There their son, Amos Travis Mott was born on 29 Nov 1923.  Asa died sometime around 1824-1835.

Amos Travis married Sarah Malinda Allison in 1842.  By the time the Civil War started they had 11 kids.  In about 1862, Amos moved his family to southwest Indiana.  They had two more children in Indiana.  The area where Amos located his family became known as Mott Station much like Roberts Switch.  The railroad came through and established a station at that location which became known as Mott Station.  It is still on google map today as Mott Station but the locals call it Mott Town.

Gracie and I visited Mott Town last week in search of our Mott cousins.  A nice gentleman named Tom O'Neal informed us that there were no longer any Motts in Mott Town.  They had moved to an area about 8-10 miles to the northwest.  We located that area which gets their mail from Ramsey, Indiana.  But, the rural community where they located to is in and around the Mt Tabor Church of Christ.  Amos and many of his descendants are buried in the Mt Tabor Church of Christ Cemetery.  Amos was an early elder of that church.


One interesting note that is in the cemetery there is one row of tombstones that begin with a Mott, but all the remaining tombstones are for Ott.  I wasn't aware of that spelling and find it odd that at least one branch of the family began using Ott rather than Mott.  More research required on that.

Although we have some excellent circumstancial evidence that Mary was a sister to Joseph, I am interested in getting more proof.  I hope to return to Mt Tabor and meet some of my Mott/Ott cousins and convince at least one to do DNA that would help verify the relationship between Mary and Joseph.  More to follow.    

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