Missouri Cousins Visit Roberts Switch

By Angela Stout - 11 Sep 2019


Karen Roberts and her daughter Dana Roberts stopped in for a quick visit while traveling through Roberts Switch on their way home to Missouri. They had been to Pigeon Forge and Nashville to celebrate Dana's birthday and thought they would take the time to stop in and visit their Tennessee roots.

Karen is the daughter of Floyd Poe Roberts, granddaughter of Homer and Vinnie (Ward) Roberts, great granddaughter of Henry "Tinker" and Sarah (Vickers) Roberts, great great granddaughter of Francis Marion and Sarah (Richardson) Roberts and great great great granddaughter of Joseph and Rachel (Carter) Roberts.

After having a yummy Rose Garden breakfast, we (Tommy, Gracie, Karen, Dana and I) toured Roberts Switch to include the Francis Marion Roberts Memorial Bridge, downtown Roberts Switch, Roberts Road, Joseph Roberts Family Cemetery and original homestead location. From Joseph's homestead, we could understand the location of Henry "Tinker" Roberts land.



We then traveled over to the Vickers Cemetery for Karen and Dana to visit Henry "Tinker" and Sarah Roberts gravesites. They were also able to get pictures with Lindsey and Elizabeth Vickers gravesites (parents of Tinker’s wife) and learn more about the Vickers history.

It was great to spend time with Karen and Dana! We hope to see them at the Roberts Reunion and bring with them all their Missouri family:-)

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