I Believe

By Gracie Roberts - 20 Nov 2019

My daughter has been begging for articles from others for this web page, so I swallowed the hook yesterday and promised I would write one for her.  Here goes my effort to be supportive: :o)

I title this piece: I believe.

I believe that sometimes God whispers: “I AM”.  I believe that sometimes God shouts: “I AM!!!!”.

I make my case by sharing with you two photographic examples.


Here at Roberts Switch, Tennessee I count myself blessed by wonderful visual examples of an Almighty Creator. In the springtime you can find a multitude of wildflowers that pop up each season in the hollers along the Mine Lick Creek.  No human being plants, nor tends, these perfect tiny displays.  Year after year after year, at a set time, they start popping up in seemingly unmeasurable numbers. Yet we are told that each one is known by The Creator. All colors, shapes and sizes, yet each is perfect. Some are no larger than my pinkie nail… yet it still springs forth for a set season to whisper: “I AM, I Am, I AM, I Am, I Am, I Am, I Am ………………..”


Then sometimes I get what I call “a hug from God”. When He shouts with a booming voice: “I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  Those moments are precious. One of those moments occurred this past Sunday when, as my friend Monique pointed out, God used colors from a crayon box that only He has access to in order to paint this sunset. Colors so vibrant that the whole of the sky was aflame with His display. A display that left me thinking: Wow…………. Just Wow. No words could do this masterpiece justice, so I just sat there and took it all in saying under my breath. Thank You.

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