Hily's Granddaughter Stops Awhile

By Angela Stout - 12 Sep 2019

What a nice surprise this morning to have Brenda (Roberts) Harry and her family stop by Roberts Switch! They were on their way through Tennessee and decided to stop by.  We sat on the porch of the Heritage House and had a wonderful time telling stories.

Brenda is the daughter of Howard and Nova (Head) Roberts, granddaughter of Hily and Ollie (Moss) Roberts, great granddaughter of William "Joe" and Minerva Jane (Martin) Roberts, gg granddaughter of Francis Marion and Sarah (Richardson) Roberts and ggg granddaughter of Joseph and Rachel (Carter) Roberts.

They talked about the last Roberts Reunion they went to and that they were looking forward to coming to the next one! They were also looking forward to getting up some relatives to go to Ada, OK to help with William Browder Lee tombstone effort. Sounds like the Ada event might be a mini-reunion.

While on the porch, Brenda shared that her father's nickname was "Blackie" and she thought it might be because he had black hair before he went bald. Here is a picture of Howard "Blackie" Roberts with his wife Nova. I can kind of see a hint of his black hair:-)

I also enjoyed a story that Brenda told on Hily and Ollie (her grandparents). Brenda said her grandma, Ollie, always had snuff and a spit can. She remembers that one time during an argument, Ollie took her spit can and threw it at Hily! That would have been messy...in more ways than on.  According to Brenda, grandfather Hily would wear a top hat and Sunday clothes to sometimes take the grandkids to the general store to get penny candy. 

Brenda shared that her Uncle Everett Roberts would open a watermelon stand in Purcell, OK every summer. He would have the watermelons in ice and cut them open right there. People would eat the ice cold melons and then take some home. What a treat!

Never know who might swing through Roberts Switch! Remember that if you are ever driving through Roberts Switch to stop and "stay awhile".  We were sure happy to have Brenda's family stop!


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