Heritage House Visitors

By Tommy Roberts - 29 Oct 2019


We were pleased to have two of Uncle Cub Coleman's granddaughters visit Roberts Switch today.  Annie and Joyce are Uncle Cub's granddaughters by their mother Alma.  Annie is married to Jesse Flatt and they reside in Cookeville.  Joyce is from West Jefferson, Ohio and was here visiting relatives.  Joyce was accompanied by her son, Bob.  We had a great time visiting at the Heritage House where they shared many memories of their grandfather.  They shared that they were allowed to touch anything in the house except the picture of President Eisenhower that hung in the living room.  Thanks to Danny Roberts, that picture of Ike is still hanging by the front door.


Uncle Cub (Charles Harrison Coleman) and his wife, Elizabeth Carter were the last family to reside in the Heritage House.


Jesse & Annie Flatt, Joyce Bird & son Bob Warren

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