Elmore-Richardson Cemetery Candlelight Service

By Tommy Roberts - 28 Sep 2019


A candlelight service was conducted at the Elmore-Richardson Cemetery last evening, 28 September.  It was a very peaceful, wonderful fellowship.  Most attendees were from the family of Arvel "Slick" Herren and his wife, Fannie Whitehead.  Arvel's granddaughter, Tammy is the primary cemetery custodian and ensures that a decoration and a candlelight service is conducted each year.

I truly appreciate Tammy's efforts to keep this cemetery neat and clean.  I remember as a young man going to this cemetery and it was completely overgrown.  Now, it is fenced, and neat, clean & orderly thanks to Tammy's leadership.  Good job Tammy!


Our closest relative buried here is Sarah Ellen Roberts, daughter of Francis Marion Roberts & Sarah Richardson.  Ellen married Mackey Richardson about 1890.  No, Ellen is not kin to Mackey - different line of Richardsons.  :o)  He died in 1902 and Ellen married twice more, but she is interned in this cemetery next to her first husband, Mackey. 

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