Christian Cemetery Maintenance

By Tommy Roberts - 19 April 2020

As many of you know, a major clean-up of the Christian Cemetery was accomplished in 2017.  To understand the size of the effort, you may look at the pictures in the Photo Gallery under Christian Cemetery Clean-Up.  After cutting all the trees and getting rid of all the undergrowth, we picked up roots, etc., and sowed the cemetery in grass.  We put up a good barbed wire fence and a gate, and graveled the driveway from the property entrance to the cemetery.  We got a good stand of grass and the mowing began in spring of 2018.  We also hired a stump grinder and had all the stumps ground out in 2018.

It was a great community effort and I'd like to say thanks to all those who helped get this cemetery into the great shape it is in now.

Here's the deal.  My daughter and I are currently maintaining seven cemeteries.  The Christian Cemetery is one of the larger ones.  I am getting older and she is no "spring chicken" herself.  I am no longer able or willing to keep the Christian Cemetery mowed and weed eat.  Effective 15 May 2020 this cemetery will need someone to take care of it.  I am appealing to anyone who would have an interest in the cemetery to take the responsibility of ensuring it is properly mowed.

If there is any interest, please call me and I will get you a key to the gate.  Please don't let this cemetery grow back up into a jungle again.  Thanks.

Tommy Roberts; 931-858-6399


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